Why Private Medical Insurance?

If you have ever been in a hurry, waiting in a queue, you may well have asked yourself why things are taking so long? Perhaps you’re worried that if you aren’t quick enough the parking meter will run out.   Sometimes when the pressure is on and we need something fast, we don’t want to have to wait, which is why Private Medical Insurance can offer a way to get treatment for illness quickly, reducing the worry and stress when it counts.

Woman with child having fun in autumn park

Here at Why Private Health Insurance, we work with leading insurer PruHealth to offer you life insurance that not only allows you speedy access to treatment when you need it most, but will also encourage a healthier lifestyle.

PruHealth includes a unique healthy living programme as part of the private medical insurance that it underwrites.  What this does is give you points towards what is known as your ‘Vitality’ status.

The more points you earn then the status of your ‘Vitality’ increases, which leads towards great benefits such as reduced gym membership, tickets to West End shows and a lot more.

Everyone starts at a Bronze level, but from there can work towards Silver, Gold and Platinum status.  In short, the more points you earn the higher your status and as a result, you get rewarded with even more.

Why Private Health Insurance can get you the best private medical insurance deals with PruHealth and all it takes is one phone call to get things started.

Why not contact us today on 0800 6800 205 and start getting healthier?