What is Private Medical Insurance?

Private Health Insurance (also known as Private Medical Insurance) is cover that can assist with the cost of medical expense from private treatment.  It is designed for people like you who would prefer to bypass the usual NHS route when medical treatment is needed, in favour of a quicker, private option.

You can usually choose the hospital you would like to be treated in and in terms of benefits, you can also expect:

  • A choice of Specialist to deal with your case
  • Your own private en-suite room, complete with television and home comforts
  • A la carte menu
  • Top Consultants, surgeons and nurses – all of which are there to provide the best¬† one-to-one care
  • Fast treatment when you need it most

Getting Private Health Insurance through Why Private Health Insurance means you’ll get all of these great features, but get comfort from knowing that when you need medical care you won’t have to wait.

Why not call us now for a private health insurance quote and see how affordable it is?

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