Why private health insurance can make your life better…

Private health insurance is something that all of us would like. However, very often we are put off because we assume that it will be too expensive, but on balance, even a small investment in private health insurance now can count later on should you get ill.

So in our first blog of many, here’s a few things you may want to consider when it comes to ‘putting off’ private health insurance…

Having private health insurance means you don’t have to wait for treatments. This can be really important when time is an important factor to successful treatment. While the NHS does its best to treat urgent cases, there inevitably is always a waiting list.  Be it two weeks or six months, when you need to see someone quickly it cannot necessarily deliver.

Private health insurance means no waiting and usually a lot more choice.  It can also give you better access to to medical professionals and even treatments that are not available on the NHS.

Private medical care is expensive.  This is actually true, but that is why private health insurance is a good option.  While you pay your monthly premium when you are healthy, it does mean that should you become ill, you don’t have to worry about shortfalls and financial burdens at a time when you should be focusing on feeling better.

Our advice is the worst you can do is get a quote.  What you put off today could be devastating tomorrow, when if you are diagnosed with an illness it will be too late to get private medical insurance.



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